FanExpo 2015 Wrap-Up

Hey Groovydeadites!

Thank you to those Hoseheads who dropped our Booth A369 at Fan Expo this weekend to help support the launch of Groovydead Productions and our flagship title "Red Hill Billy: Red Hill Rising"!! It was SO AMAZING to meet you all and to share in the excitement for the launch of Canada's Rush-lovin', mullet-rockin' Red Hill Billy.

We can now answer the two most popular questions posed this weekend -

1/ Can I buy your sweet-ass swag online? HELL YES YOU CAN. Just...ya know...not yet. The GroovyDead Store will be open before October 1. We will sell all our our prints, stickers, buttons, and of course Red Hill Billy #1. As well as some other awesome sh*t.

2/ "I read Issue #1 last night. Where the f*ck is issue #2 dude?" Man did we LOVE getting asked this. The plan for now is to mail out the Kickstarter rewards, crank out some commission work, and the Robbie gets the script polished so we can start penciling and coloring. Long story short - look for an announcement on a release date before Christmas.

"But Christmas is so far away, eh? I need more Billy in my life!"

We hear you fans, so look for a super-special one-page continuation being published very soon. Stay tuned RIGHT HERE for announcements!!

We are still taking commission requests here.

And if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to heap praise on us, clicky here!