Building a Business

Comic books are in my blood.

Hey, I'm Robbie. I'm the Head Writer, Lead Penciler/Concept Artist, Editor, (quite possibly) Letterer and Web Designer. So if there's anything you see on this website you don't like or are offended by, it for sure isn't my fault. Blame Obama.

When I was a kid, we didn't have a lot of money but I did have a Dad who would bring home blank pages of paper. And I had a neighbor (Hey, Cliff!) who had boxes of old comic books. We would hang out and trace. Paper on page, we would trace. Then paper beside page, we would copy. Then I didn't need the comic to copy from anymore. I was never even close to the most talented artist in any art classes I took. But I stuck with it. 'Cause it was in my blood.

After getting a Fine Arts degree, I worked my ass off so I could go to San Diego for the Comic Convention. I had co-created a comic called Johnny Bionic and The Finger of Doom with John Dranski, and we managed to convince/connive Slave Labor Graphics into printing it as part of a compilation called Love in Tights.

I dealt with a lot of rejection, but I fell in with the gang of young studs at Image, and was inspired to try again. So I went back. It took me four years of blood, sweat & tears (and a hell of a lot of overtime) but I finally got my break when I met Roger and Pat Lee. They were looking for an inker, because their current inker, Alvin Lee, was about to blow up as a penciler. I found out they lived near me, I tried out, I got the gig.

I have since worked for Dreamwave, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, and Slave Labor Graphics. They even made a statue from a Lithograph I was commissioned for (full bio to come in "The Groovy Dead" section). Then I got to the age where I wanted a steady paycheck. Medical benefits. Ya know, adulty stuff. Stability is not a friend of the subcontractor.

Having always torn computers apart, I learned how to recover data from crashed hard drives and RAID arrays. So now I'm a Computer Engineer in a lab outside of Toronto, Ontario. But something in my blood...called to me...

So I created my own property, American Nightmare; had my friend Nick Kilislian draw it, my friend Sig Torre color it, my friend Ben Lee letter it, and my friend Keith Morris design the logos. I shopped it around the San Diego Comic Con, but found no interest.

I took a few years off and met and got married to the wonderful Mrs. Armstrong instead.

But like a bad fungal infection, the itch to create action-horror comic books came back. Big time.

I drew Red Hill Billy: Red Hill Rising while my commission business was growing and within a year had 26 pages of the best stuff I had ever drawn. Pushed by Mrs. Armstrong, I reached out, worldwide, to search for a colorist. Over 20 artists who had also worked for Image, DC and Marvel all tried out - and guess what? Sig Torre was THE BEST.

So we're at it again, this time with NO HELP from any publishers. We're gonna make the most incredible, groin-grabbingly good, high-octane horror adventure comic ever. We're gonna Kickstarter the hell out of it, publish it my damn self, and make enough to do another. Because eff the man.

Keep checking back here...there will be a metric tonne of new art, scintillating news, fabulous prizes, and a contest for early subscribers coming in the next few months. This is Groovy Dead Productions.

Comic books, man.

It's in my blood.

Robbie Armstrong, President and Owner of Groovy Dead Productions